Parent Tips

Updated Monday October 12, 2009 by Babe Ruth Import.

Work with your child. There really is little more satisfying than going out at least a few evenings a week and playing ball with your kids. This is quality time, and helps your child improve his/her skills (and, trust me, the better your child can play, the more she/he will enjoy the Cal Ripken experience!). Some day, your child will fondly look back on the summer evenings spent playing catch with mom and dad.

Get involved in your local League. Apponaug is run on a volunteer basis, and we can use all the help we can get. If you view the Board of Directors page, you will see that many of them have more than one position to handle. Anything you can do to pitch in will make the league run more smoothly, and will help all the kids. Things like helping out at tryouts, scorekeeping or field preparation. If your child sees that the league is that important to you, he/she will learn that it is important to the kids, too.  Besides, even coaches and players make mistakes...the point is to learn, to have fun, and to teach kids that you care.

It is IMPORTANT to remember that your child's coach is not being paid; he/she  is working for the love of the game and the kids. Let him/her be the coach! Don't argue and criticize if you think your child is being treated unfairly (as parents, it is natural to be very protective, but most coaches aren't discriminating). If you think there is a problem, discuss it with the coach AWAY from the ball field; chances are that you will see his point of view. The important thing is not to make an issue in front of the players; along with baseball, they are learning to work as a team and to respect not to ruin this teaching.

Show up for the games AND the practices