MAJOR Division Parent Page

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Major Division

The most experienced level of Cal Ripken Baseball, recommended for 11 and 12 year old players (along with some 10 year olds).



Cal Ripken Baseball is played under the Official Baseball Rules, but implements some special rules as necessary for the development and welfare of this young age group. Apponaug now plays a "Pony" style baseball game at this level which has the bases at 70-feet apart (vs 60 for a traditional or little league diamond) and a pitching distance of 50 feet (vs 46 feet for a traditional or little league diamond).



In order to encourage the league to train more pitchers, there are rules that set the maximum number of innings a pitcher may pitch in a calendar week. Regulation games consist of six innings or four innings if a game is called due to a run rule limit. Special base running rules are also in effect, like leading and stealing.



AAU Players are welcome to play on our 70-foot Diamond all the Time in our Major Division.



In our Major Division, your kids will play on the 70 foot Major Division field and will have the edge going to the bigger diamond.  Learning the fundamentals of real baseball (Leading off base; Pitchers holding on runners) will prepare them for the next step when they move to a higher division.



Apponaug's Major Division is 70-Foot Pony Baseball, played at Kenney Field on Jefferson Blvd.



Apponaug is the only organized league in the city of Warwick and East Greenwich to offer 70-foot "Pony Style" baseball as part of the regular Major Division program.



We also have Fall Ball programs for our Major Division.